Video installation guides and user guides of Epsis products can be found here: Videos


Which operating systems are supported?

Epsis TeamBox and Epsis Admin can be installed and run on Windows 7 and 10.

Epsis Data Service, Epsis Precense Service and the TeamBox database is normally installed on a Windows Server.

Is there any required software I need to install to start using the Epsis TeamBox software?

Required software for client is .NET framework 4.5 Download from Microsoft here.

and Java Runtime 32bit. Download latest version here.

A Microsoft SQL server must be available (local or central installation)

What if we don’t want to use Java? 

We have made a new version of TeamBox that does not require Java.

If you install this version, you cannot participate in a Collaboration session using the Epsis viewer.

However, you can host a Collaboration session.

Why do I need a database?

The Epsis TeamBox database contains metadata/information about;

• detail for environments and layouts

• links to programs or files

• workflow structure

I want to use a free database (Microsoft express edition) would it be sufficient to run Epsis TeamBox software?

• Yes, Epsis TeamBox software supports all mainstream editions including the Express edition.

• More info about SQL server edition could be found at

I have an older version of Epsis TeamBox, how can I upgrade to the latest version?

Customers with a valid Maintenance & Support agreement can contact Epsis Support to get a download link for update/installation files.

Does the Epsis TeamBox software override locally user rights on the domain?

No, user rights are not affected by Epsis TeamBox software. Epsis TeamBox does not store any data other than links to files/folders/program. The logged-on user must have access rights in the domain/network to use resources requested by the Epsis TeamBox workflows. Epsis TeamBox does not store the information from files/programs or override any security policies on the network.

Which video conference systems are supported by Epsis TeamBox software?

Cisco (Tandberg) C-series and Polycom HDX series are supported by the video conference module. Other video conference system could be used with Epsis TeamBox, but you will need to use the video conference systems remote control to handle the VC unit.

I use Cisco Jabber and Skype could it be integrated in a Workflow controlled meeting?

Yes, if the application supports API it can be integrated in a Workflow controlled meeting.

Is it possible to share screen content with users without a Epsis TeamBox license?

Yes, a lite client is available for free download from our website.

What is the minimum bandwidth required for screen sharing / collaboration?

It depends on the quality of the connection and type of sharing.

Epsis TeamBox software will send screen updates meaning that frequently display updates require more bandwidth. As a rule, 512 Kbit is required to be able to rapidly update displays at participants. A poor connection will cause the display updates to take more time.

I want to share high resolution pictures between a lab and a meeting room, what is the maximum resolution for picture sharing?

Limitation is on the pc ‘s video display card. Epsis TeamBox software share pixels, meaning that you could share in 8K if the video card is displaying 8K.

We have developed a process mapping system internally, is it possible to integrate the workflow module to support the execution of these processes?

Yes, Epsis TeamBox software has an API available for qualified customers. Please contact your sales person or Epsis technical support for further information by email here.

Can Epsis TeamBox software be installed on a Mac?

No, Epsis TeamBox software supports Windows 7 and Windows 10.

How can I utilize content from another device like an IPAD or a laptop?

Any device can be connected to the Epsis TeamBox PC via the network (IP), or directly to a video capture card with a video cable or wireless. You can share all kind of devices producing a video signal output, e.g. handheld device, laptops, web camera, VCR, servers, microscope ……

Can an iPhone/iPad receive data from Epsis TeamBox? 

Epsis TeamBox is a Windows only solution, and as such cannot run on other platforms. However, cloud solutions that run on windows platforms can, in most cases, be controlled with an app on most platforms. This means that the full functionality of Epsis TeamBox would be available on almost any device, regardless of formfactor, spec or operating system.

We have the Windows Firewall turned off for Domain networks but turned on for Public and Home networks. We receive an error message stating EraConnect.exe is being blocked on Public networksWindows seems to largely ask for permissions for all new software whether it is necessary or not. Some of the TeamBox services (Collaboration) can communicate outside your network, so you may collaborate with 3rd parties. If you don’t need this, you can deny access and it will work internally on the domain.

Overview of ports and connection directions:

PresenceService.exe, Incoming, TCP, Local, 41424

DataService.exe, Incoming, TCP, Local, 41423

TeamBox Publishing
EraConnect.exe, Outgoing\Incoming, TCP, Local, 1457 (PublisherService)
RemoteApplicationProvider2.exe, Incoming, TCP, Local, 8511-8521
RemoteAppicationViewer.exe, Outgoing, TCP, Local, 8511-8521

TeamBox API:
EraConnect.exe Incoming, TCP, Local, 8086

TeamBox Collaboration:
EpsisRemoteViewer.exe, Incoming, TCP, Local, 8501/8502
RemoteApplicationProvider.exe, Outgoing, TCP, Local, 8501/8502