• Workflow Editor: When two users are editing a workflow at the same time, it’s no longer possible to overwrite the other users changes to the workflow.
  • Video Conference: Added support for presets (Cisco c-series only).
  • Conference Presentation action in Workflow editor. When starting a workflow that contains the action “Presentation” it will enable presentation on the codec. If presentation is already enabled under Camera Control in Conference it will not do anything.
  • New API-request: “http://localhost:8086/eraconnect/workflows/triggerUpdate”
    • This will trigger an update of workflows in the TeamBox
    • When making this request, it will return either the entire list of updated workflows or an error message.

Bug fixes

  • Workflow: Power Point would sometimes not open correctly when shown in presentation mode.
  • Video Conference: When upgrading to latest firmware for Cisco c-series, it was not possible to change the volume.
  • Publisher: Failed to connect to sharing server on TB startup when loading of data took too long.
  • Publisher: Sometimes publishing would fail due to some race condition.
  • Workflow editor: When you have a PowerPoint on a SharePoint server, you cannot check both “Checkout for edit” and “Presentation mode” at the same time. If checkout for edit is checked it will disable presentation mode and vice versa.
  • Workflow: Catching Chrome browser windows in a workflow session is now much more robust.
  • Workflow: Workspaces did not use the full size of the displays in Windows 10.


  • Build 3175: Skype workspace handler. Skype window is now caught when started from a Worfklow.
  • Build 3175: Invitation dialog - removed the invite by e-mail feature. Due to an intermittent bug with the underlaying Windows API that causes TeamBox to crash.
  • Build 3382: Fixed an issue with Powerpoint window handling when running a workflow.

Workflow Composer (New)

A brand-new standalone product that in the future is meant to replace the workflow editor in TeamBox.

NB! Actions, keep alive, sharepoint and Layout is currently not supported.

TeamBox Admin


  • TeamBox Client Configuration: Two new publisher settings have been added
    • Zoom Level: Sets the default zoom level for the publisher source viewer.
    • Auto Publish: Specify if the publisher source should open automatically in a publishing session.


  • Improved logging. All requests/response to Data Service is logged in detail.
  • Improved usability when adding users or groups to a library.

Bug fixes

  • Significantly improved the performance of Machine Settings.

Data Service


  • Full audit logging of all requests/responses from Data Service. We currently log who made the request at what time and all data in both the request and response.